Anh is a seventh grader in Vietnam whose intelligence, friendly nature, and athletic prowess earned her the admiration of both teachers and friends alike.

Her dream of becoming a professional athlete seemed within reach when she was recruited to represent her entire province in sports.

But life had different plans. In late 2020, Anh was diagnosed with bone cancer, leaving her and her family in utter shock. Anh bravely endured numerous radiotherapies and three surgeries to combat the illness, all while her hardworking parents struggled to make ends meet. 

A map showing Vietnam in Asia, with a photo of a Vietnamese girl named Anh in a wheelchair.

As medical expenses escalated, Anh’s parents made the heart-wrenching decision to sell their home and move in with her grandparents.

Meanwhile, Anh lost the ability to walk and could no longer go to school—this, after having been a star student and promising young athlete. Yet, in the midst of these struggles, Anh’s spirit remained unbroken.

A glimmer of hope emerged when Anh’s family connected with our local partner, Giving It Back To Kids. Because of friends like you, Anh received a precious gift: a wheelchair that not only gave her mobility but also ensured she could go back to school and flourish academically.

Over time, the wheelchair became more than just an assistive device; the wheelchair has become Anh’s “best friend,” empowering her to navigate school and life, propelling her towards a brighter future.

A Vietnamese girl named Anh in a wheelchair, smiling, being pushed past some potted plants by her mother.

Anh’s story is a testament to the incredible impact that compassionate generosity can have on the lives of those who are in need of mobility.

Since 2001, supporters like you have helped to write new chapters in stories like Ahn’s all over the world. Together, we have distributed more than 1.3 million wheelchairs in 94 developing countries.

But the need remains great. According to a recent update, the WHO now estimates that 80 million people around the world need wheelchairs as the population grows and ages, and medical conditions continue to affect mobility.

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