For many children around the world, the ability to go to school is a dream. Sometimes, their families cannot afford to send them. Sometimes, the nearest school is too great a distance away. Sometimes, a lack of mobility makes it difficult to even get to school.

Sometimes, it’s all of these factors combined.

Fifteen-year-old Justo was born with disabilities. He needs to attend a special school, but without mobility, the cost of transportation to get there each day would be prohibitive.

Thanks to the gift of a new wheelchair, Justo’s mother can not only push him the distance to and from school — she can also take him to physical therapy more often. Justo hopes to learn how to wheel himself around and gain more independence.

Because of friends like you, Justo’s dream of getting an education is now within reach.

Thank you for all you do to empower lives, like Justo’s, through the gift of mobility.