Michael had no idea he’d be taking his last few steps when he got out of bed that morning.

He earned a living as a day laborer on a banana farm in Costa Rica and was on his way to work, riding in the back of a pickup truck, when another vehicle slammed into it.

The impact sent him airborne. Michael landed on a rock and broke three vertebrae, severing his spinal cord. He has not been able to walk since.

The accident might have broken his back, but it did not break his spirit.

Michael was determined to do the best that he could with the life he has been given.

First, Michael enrolled in night school to further his education, supporting himself by cutting hair from time to time. Then, he got his hands on a broken, used wheelchair and attached planks of wood to rebuild the seat and backrest.

While this makeshift, wooden device helped him get from place to place, he could not sit in it for very long because it was not a proper wheelchair. Using it could result in further injury.

Our local distribution partner, Do It Foundation, learned of Michael’s situation and provided him with a new GEN_3 wheelchair. They took his measurements and adjusted the wheelchair for a correct fit.

Now, Michael can sit comfortably in his wheelchair while he earns money cutting hair or studies in his night classes. “Thank you for giving me a better quality of life,” said Michael through his brilliant smile. His goal is to earn a diploma and find an office job.

Your generous support empowers individuals like Michael to develop their potential more fullly, all over the world.

Thank you for choosing to partner with us in this mission. Together, we have given away more than 1.3 million wheelchairs in 94 countries, and together, we can give away even more to those who need them.