Being a Christ follower isn’t always easy. There are times God, in His wisdom, allows us to go through things we don’t understand. It is during those times we often ask, “Why God? Why me?”

Unfortunately, we were born into a broken world, full of sin and evil. Often times God allows us to go through hard times to make us stronger so that we can be a resource for others. During these difficult times we need to reflect back on the reason we are here on earth.

It is on the journey of “Why me?” that we learn how to trust in God. It is the journey that gives us the opportunity to be refined like diamonds and be stronger in the end. And it is somewhere along this journey we begin to recognize that we have not been forgotten and that God will work all things together for good.

Trusting God is the basis of our faith. It is a hard concept to understand when going through pain. Though you may be weary, He is there and will bring you through in His time. No need to ask, “Why me?” Instead, ask yourself, “What can I learn on this journey?”

Prayer Points:

  • For peace for those who are experiencing pain and questioning their purpose in life.
  • Show me where my hurts, habits or pain can help someone else.
  • Renewed strength in the Lord—trusting that He is making all things work together for good.

Ephesians 2:8, 2 Corinthians 4:7-16, Romans 8:28