Today’s story comes from Moldova, the eastern European nation bordered by Ukraine on the northeast and Romania on the southwest.

There, a 53-year-old woman named Proskovya and her husband led a happy life together for many years, raising two beautiful daughters. Her life took a turn, however, when her husband passed away nine years ago and Proskovya was diagnosed with diabetes shortly thereafter.

As the disease progressed, Proskovya had to have her left leg amputated below the knee.

Moldova on map of Europe

Proskovya’s daughters helped pay for their mother’s medical bills and food, but even with their help, she still couldn’t afford to buy a desperately-needed wheelchair. Without one, she relied on her live-in nurse for everything.

For years, all she could do was pull herself along the walls because crutches and walkers were too difficult for her to use. As a result, her right leg was often sore from overuse.

Moldova remains the least-economically-developed nation in Europe. Proskovya’s situation is not uncommon here, where 5.2% of the population lives with a disability and there aren’t enough wheelchairs to meet the needs.

Proskovya outside in wheelchair

When our local distribution partner, Mission Eurasia, showed up at Proskovya’s home with a new GEN_2 wheelchair, she was speechless. “Thank you!” she exclaimed as she sat in it for the first time. “I am so grateful that there are people like you who do not forget those of us with disabilities. Now I can go outside on my own again and enjoy the beauty of nature.”

Because of you, Proskovya’s life took another turn that day—but this time, for good.

Thank you for all you do to help give the gift of mobility.