Eugenia is a 91-year-old grandmother in Costa Rica who lost her sight nine years ago. Although she can stand up for short periods of time, her loss of vision, coupled with her frail condition, pose too much of a risk for her to move about on her own. Her daughter, Isabel, would constantly hover nearby to protect her from falling, which could lead to serious injury.

This severely affected Isabel’s ability to manage her household and take care of her own children. “The difficult part is that I have things to do, and if I leave my mother alone, I’m afraid something bad may happen to her,” says Isabel.

The loss of independence left Eugenia despondent. “Over the years, unable to move, I have been so depressed,” she confessed. “I have lost my appetite. I didn’t even like to eat.” But things changed a few months ago when Grupo Do It, a local foundation, approached her to fit her with a GEN_2 wheelchair.

Not only does this new wheelchair give Eugenia mobility while keeping her safe from falling, it has freed Isabel to do more of what she needs to do for the entire family. Together, they are now able to visit nearby places, which was unthinkable when Eugenia was without a wheelchair.

“I might not be able to see anymore, but I have seen enough in my life already,” Eugenia reflected. “I got to raise all my children, and now, Isabel has an easier time with me in this wheelchair. I am content with that.”

Her newfound sense of peace is due to the contributions of many people around the world: Her loving family. Grupo Do It. And every one of you, our faithful partners whose prayers and support fuel this mission to transform lives through the gift of mobility.


Don Schoendorfer