I’m filled with gratitude for all who have been faithfully supporting Free Wheelchair Mission, often doing so quietly for years with little fanfare.

One group that deserves special recognition is the Circle of Mobility (COM).

Through monthly, automated giving, COM members provide a measure of stability and enable us to plan ahead. “These faithful gifts help fund ongoing shipments of wheelchairs, all over the world,” said our national ambassador manager, Dana Hindman. “Many COM supporters have been giving consistently for more than 10 years, anywhere from $10 to $600 per month!”

For the same cost of two cups of coffee per month, you can transform one life per year.

Gifts of any amount can make a difference—for example, $7 a month would transform one life a year by providing the gift of a wheelchair.

“Circle of Mobiity members are true ambassadors for those in need of mobility,” expressed Dana, whose heart is to inspire crowdfunding through COM for at least one container of wheelchairs every month. This would provide mobility to 488–550 individuals living with disabilities in developing nations.

For more information on joining the Circle of Mobility, please visit this page.

Thank you for all you do for the cause of mobility, whether it’s by praying, giving, volunteering, or helping to spread the word about this mission.

I’m grateful for each and every one of you.


Don Schoendorfer