Hlobisle has always loved to sew, ever since she was a little girl in the rolling hills of Eswatini.

Her dream has been to make sewing her livelihood, but she didn’t have the resources to start her own small business.

Without an income, Hlobisle could not afford a wheelchair, either, and without mobility, she would need her granddaughter’s help to do day-to-day chores.

Our local distribution partner, The Luke Commission, fitted Hlobisle with a new GEN_3 wheelchair. “With this, I can do everyday tasks around the house myself,” she proclaimed. “Now, I can go to church and the medical clinic whenever I need to.”

Hlobisle can also use her newfound mobility to go to the marketplace and buy fabric for clothes she’d like to sew and sell.

The gift of a wheelchair empowers individuals like Hlobisle to be more independent and have greater opportunities to make a living.

There are still an estimated 75 million people around the world who are waiting for the life-transforming gift of a wheelchair.

Would you consider giving a gift today?