Carlos is a 40-year-old carpenter who lives with his wife and four teenaged children on the coast of Argentina.

About 12 years ago, Carlos was working on a construction site when he fell, breaking his spine in three places and sustaining severe injuries that left him with paraplegia.  

His life was forever altered. He could no longer walk, go to work, or even do his daily routine without assistance from someone in his family. But thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Carlos received a new GEN_3 wheelchair through our local distribution partner, CILSA.

Carlos’ new wheelchair enables him to continue working as a carpenter to provide for his family. Mobility also allows him to venture beyond the confines of his home: although an introvert by nature, Carlos now embraces his newfound independence by going out and socializing with members of his community.

“The chair is a perfect 10 because I had no other means of mobility,” said a grateful Carlos. “It allowed me to regain control of my life.” 

The transforming gift of mobility has not only given Carlos freedom, but has also alleviated the concerns of his wife and children, who are no longer worried about leaving him alone at home when they are out at school or running errands.

Carlos’ story serves as a reminder that the gift of a single wheelchair can make a rippling impact, transforming the life of its recipient as well as the lives of the people around them.

Together, with your support, we have given away more than 1.3 million wheelchairs to people with disabilities in 94 countries. There are, however, an estimated 75 million people around the world who are still waiting for a wheelchair.

​​​​​​Would you consider giving someone the gift of mobility today?