Cai is a 45 year-old-man who lives in Xinyang City, China with his family. He has paralysis of the lower limbs due to poliomyelitis and is blind in his right eye. Cai has a son and a daughter who go to school, but Cai has been unable to find a job so his wife works to support the family. His mother also lives with them, and their family’s low income has made life very difficult.

Since he can’t walk, Cai has used a stool to help him to move. He has wanted a wheelchair, knowing that mobility would allow him to work, but his family could not afford one. Sadly, Cai blamed himself every day when his wife came home from work feeling exhausted. He felt responsible to provide for his family, but it was impossible without a wheelchair.

Cai couldn’t believe the good news when he heard that Henan Disabled Person’s Federation (HDPF), our distribution partner in Guangshan County, was going to provide him with a wheelchair.

The local staff from HDPF shared that Free Wheelchair Mission provides wheelchairs not only in China, but to people living with disabilities in developing nations around the world. He was amazed!

The staff measured Cai carefully and presented him with the proper size wheelchair. With a bright, smiling face, Cai shook hands with the staff but could not say a word. His wife expressed gratitude on behalf of their entire family, saying,

“I cannot believe you will not only assemble the wheelchair for us, but also teach how to use and repair it. You are so kind and nice. We would give our thanks to all of you!”

I give my thanks to you, too. It is your generosity that has provided the gift of mobility to Cai, making it possible for him to work. When he could finally speak, he said, “I can do more jobs in the wheelchair.” What a blessing!


Don Schoendorfer