Together, we can give the gift of mobility and transform lives.

When you give monthly through Mobilize, you join a dedicated and passionate group of givers we call Mobilizers.

Your monthly gift will provide mobility to those living with disabilities in developing countries. More than 80 million are waiting for a wheelchair, but cannot get one.

Questions? Contact us at or call 800.733.0858.


Choose a monthly giving amount:


Transform Lives Through Monthly Gifts


$32 per month, or just about $1 per day, provides 4 wheelchairs every year!


$96 per month transforms someone’s life EVERY MONTH with the gift of mobility, providing 12 new wheelchairs every year!

Mobility brings access to:

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Family & Friends

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Food and Water


When you sign up for Mobilize, you’ll receive an exclusive newsletter with updates from the country and community your donations are going to.



“We are excited to be a part of Mobilize and love that we get to see freedom through mobility in a specific part of the world where our donations will be used. We know our contributions are being put to good use when we read Free Wheelchair Mission’s heartwarming stories of people in many different countries who have received the gift of mobility.”

Bob and Gretchen Worcester

Watch Vastine's Story and see how Mobilizers like you have helped transform her life through the gift of mobility!

With the mobilize monthly giving program you will receive:

  • Exclusive stories of lives being transformed through the gift of mobility
  • Access to exclusive photos, videos, and updates from the countries your gifts are going to
  • Ways to connect with other “Mobilizers” in a thriving community of givers
  • Behind the scenes and early access to Free Wheelchair Mission webinars, partner updates, and other programs and events
  • Welcome kit with branded Free Wheelchair Mission items to keep or share with others
  • Plus, through your commitment to this program, you will be helping Free Wheelchair Mission to provide a long-term, regular source of resources that enables us to save costs and plan for the future
  • Much more to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does monthly giving make a difference?
    Your monthly donations provide stability and sustain the progress of Free Wheelchair Mission. Plus, the lower administrative costs associated with monthly giving mean that your gifts will make an even greater impact.
  2. What day of the month will my card be charged?
    The day of the month that you enroll in Mobilize will be the day that your gift will be processed in future months. For example, if you enroll on the 3rd of the month, all future gifts will be charged on the 3rd of each month.
  3. Can I change my donation amount at any time?
    Yes. To change your donation amount, log in to your Classy account and make your changes directly.
  4. Can I give monthly through my donor-advised fund?
    Yes! Automatic donations can be set up with a few clicks through your donor-advised fund.
  5. How many wheelchairs will my monthly donation provide?
    $96 per month provides 12 wheelchairs a year, so $48 monthly would provide 6 wheelchairs a year and $32 monthly would provide 4 wheelchairs a year.

Questions? Contact us at or call 800.733.0858.