2022 Move for Mobility Celebration Board

Celebrating everyone who participated in our Move for Mobility!

We are so grateful that all of you took up the cause of mobility and are providing the precious gift of medical and mobility aids to those in need in developing countries.

We will post participant times as they come in so that we can all celebrate together, from wherever we are.

Thank you for sending in your finish line photos. Be sure to check out our social media pages to see pics of your #TeamMobility teammates finishing so you can celebrate with them, too!

Number Name Distance Time Activity & Location
1. Wendy Isbell other 1 hour Walk; Balboa Island, CA
2. Aaron Perdomo 5K 25 mins. Run, OC Marathon
3. Lisa Donnelly Half-marathon 3.5 hours Cycling; Sunset Beach, CA
4. Adara Crane 5K 56:42 Run, OC Marathon
5. Randy Crane Full Marathon 6:37:55 Run, OC Marathon
6. Wendy Boyack 10K all day Wheelchair, UT
7. Karen Oshiro other one hour Group dog walk; Mililani, HI
8. Stephanie Tarle 5K 36:13 Walk; San Diego, CA
9. Kathie Stansbury 10 miles throughout one week Walk; Raleigh, NC
10. Carla Palasigui 5K 90 minutes Walk; Orange County, CA
11. Dick Akins Full Marathon throughout 15 days Walk; Manhattan, KS
12. Scott Griffiths Full Marathon throughout 20 days Walk; Orange County, CA
13. Susan Griffiths Full Marathon throughout 29 days Walk; Orange County, CA
14. Stephanie Kelly 5K 68 minutes Walk; Champlin, MN
15. Dana Hindman 10K throughout the month Walk; Bellflower, CA
16. Sepideh Nayeri other four hours Run, row, bike, walk; Orange County, CA
17. Lauren Bradley other throughout the month Weekly training challenges;
Sacramento, CA
18. Russell Van Nuis 5K and 5 miles one hour on a 5 mile trail ride; 30 mins for 5K run Run and bike; Houston, TX
19. Ali Lee Full Marathon 4:08:39 Run; San Diego, CA