Help Double the Gift of Mobility!

March 1–31

During the x2 Gift Challenge:

$768 = 16 Lives Transformed by a Wheelchair

$384 = 8 Lives Transformed by a Wheelchair

$192 = 4 Lives Transformed by a Wheelchair 

$96 = 2 Lives Transformed by a Wheelchair

During Free Wheelchair Mission's annual x2 Gift Challenge from March 1-31, every gift you give will be DOUBLED thanks to the gracious support of a group of generous donors!

Our goal during this x2 Gift Challenge is to transform the lives of thousands individuals with the gift of a wheelchair. This is an ambitious goal that we can only achieve with your prayers and support. 

A Peruvian man raises one hand to the sky while sitting in a wheelchair, with his wife standing nearby.


Emerson, 80, worked hard as a mechanic and plumber in Lima, Peru, until a stroke at age 61 changed everything. Left with impaired speech and paralysis in his legs and right arm, he depended on his wife, Gridia, who is blind, to help care for him. Struggling without income, they relied on help from their community, and getting a wheelchair seemed beyond their reach.

Without mobility, Emerson could not get to a doctor, even when he was sick. This persisted for 19 years until he received his very first wheelchair from our distribution partner, Camino de Vida.

“We weren’t expecting a brand-new wheelchair,” exclaimed Gridia. “God makes all things new! Thank you for giving us a beautiful new wheelchair. God answered our prayers!”

Not only can Emerson now go to needed medical appointments, he can simply go outside to get some sun, which his wife said he hadn’t done in 19 years. “It’s like he’s coming back to life,” she cheered.

Thank you for coming alongside us on this journey of lifting thousands of individuals into wheelchairs this March.

Don’t miss this chance to double your impact!