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Maria lost mobility to a tumor on her spine when she was a year old.

Her baby brother Miguel was born around that time. Sadly, Miguel would also lose mobility when an infection caused severe injuries to his brain.

After their father died, the family moved to the city, where their mother sold enchiladas to make a living while Maria took care of Miguel—no easy task, as neither of them could walk or had wheelchairs. Their lives changed when both Maria and Miguel received new wheelchairs from our distribution partner, Metanoia Missions.

“Now, I can help my mother and brother,” said Maria, who hopes to find work and earn money to help support her mother and brother. Her dream is to someday get married and start a family of her own.

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During Free Wheelchair Mission's annual x2 Gift Challenge from October 1-31, every gift you give will be DOUBLED thanks to the gracious support of a group of generous donors.

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Our goal is to raise 16,000 wheelchairs during the month of October.

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Mai was born with cerebral palsy. Her mother abandoned the family soon after, and her father had to move hundreds of miles away from their rural village to find work. Little Mai was then left in the care of her elderly grandmother.

Mai never had a wheelchair before, so her grandmother would carry her wherever she needed to go. She could not go to school, however, because it was too far for her to be carried every morning. Her grandmother felt helpless, saddened that she could not help Mai to get an education.

But thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Mai received a brand-new wheelchair from our distribution partner, Giving It Back To Kids. “Now, she can go to school,” said her grandmother through tears. “Thank you.

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