Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

I wanted to share a story with you from our distribution partner in El Salvador, FUSAL. Recently they sent me an update with a few photos and stories from recipients. Out of the many inspiring tales, the words of Lisandro Antonio, who is missing the entirety of both his legs, really stood out to me. Today it’s my joy to pass his words along to you:

Before, I moved around on a skateboard, but now this wheelchair will be my feet.

God bless the donors who are providing these wheelchairs from the United States and to FUSAL because they are distributing where the real need is.

I know that for the people who are like me, they have also been blessed this morning.

It’s so easy for most of us here to look at something like a skateboard and see it as a fun pastime for youths and yet, for years, Lisandro used it because it was his only means of getting anywhere. Now, thanks to a wheelchair, he will be able to move around town much easier—and move forward in his life. Thank you so much for being a part of Lisandro’s life, and the lives of our 635,000 recipients around the world.


Don Schoendorfer