A couple of our own from around the office, Angela and Kathleen, are in Ecuador this week on a distribution trip and we just got an email and some photos from them! We wanted to share them with all of you so you could see what was going on around the world with FWM, as it’s happening. Here you go:


Good morning,

We are all well in the city of Puyo which is 6 hours away from Quito the capital and in the jungle.  We actually assembled 36 wheelchairs yesterday (boy did it takes us a while to figure it out) and we gave out 7 home to home deliveries today.  It was truly an amazing experience driving through the Ecuadorian jungle and meeting some precious recipients!  I believe we havesome great stories with stories to go along with them. 

Then we came back and with the help of several SUPER Fundacion employees we assembled over 100 wheelchairs for a large ceremony tomorrow.  In total we will give away 140 wheelchairs tomorrow.  Our team is great.  We have several mature folks on the team but they are hanging in there.  Our partner and his staff are truly kind and caring people.  Thank you for this opportunity.

God bless,