Thanks so much to this proud mother for sharing an inspirational story of one person making a difference!

This year marked my daughter’s sixteenth birthday.  For almost a year, Katelin has talked abou tdonating three wheelchairs to Free Wheelchair Mission instead of receiving gifts on her big day. So, for her Sweet 16th,
I planned a party for all her friends.  On the invitations, explained to the guests about FWM and how Katelin wanted to donate wheelchairs instead of receiving gifts.
Well, it was a huge success! Several friends donated money directly to the website, enough for two chairs; at her party, ALL of her birthday cards contained money for wheelchairs!  Enough that we were able to buy four more chairs! Katelin was so excited. Not only did her wish come true, but she doubled her goal!
My daughter is special not just for her kind and generous heart but because she is our miracle child. Katelin has an area on her brain that causes seizures; at the age of 12,she faced the possibility of a brain surgery that could have left her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. We believe that by the power of prayer God healed her to the point that the surgery was not necessary, and Katelin has been seizure free for two years.  Sometime ago, she felt the call from God leading her into mission work. My daughter feels that her efforts to raise wheelchairs for Free Wheelchair Mission are the first step in her journey and she will continue to raise money for many different mission needs.  Katelin has been a competitive cheerleader since the age of four; she only took a break for about four months even when she was facing the surgery. Now she competes, cheers at her high school, drives a car AND works with the kids in our church!