Ambassador for Mobility: Stacie Yee

Location: Santa Ana, CA
Background: Stacie heard about Free Wheelchair Mission through Huntington Beach’s Surf City Marathon website 3 years ago. She’s been running half marathons for the last 2 years, and this year’s 2012 Surf City race will be her 10th half marathon. Since it’s her 3rd time at Surf City, she shared with us a few race tips – “cross train your legs with strength training and never change your game plan on race day!”  Even though she’s a half marathon veteran, this year will be different – she’s decided to run this race for mobility.
The Story: For the 7th year in a row, Free Wheelchair Mission will be the title charity for the Surf City marathon & half marathon. FWM’s Run for Mobility invites runners to use their upcoming race as a way to raise awareness and funds that FWM will use to provide wheelchairs to people in need. Runners not only get the satisfaction of knowing they provided mobility to people around the world, but they also can qualify for team benefits. Team benefits include a VIP finish line party, a team dinner the night before the race, a complete race entry fee reimbursement, a team jersey, visors, gift certificates, and more!
Stacie decided to join the Run for Mobility because she “wanted to do something a little different and running for Free Wheelchair Mission seemed like a win-win deal for myself (registration reimbursement) and for at least one less fortunate person in another country.”  Her goal was to raise at least $500. Since she’s a first time fundraiser, she wanted to get an early start and set up her page in August. She quickly launched a multi-front effort, utilizing Facebook, her entire email address book, and friends and family. While the online asks allowed her to reach out to a large number of people quickly, she didn’t forget about the tried and true in-person ask. In addition to using her free fundraising webpage to track and collect donations, Stacie went the extra mile to create her own custom flyer that she handed out at work.
To her surprise, she quickly and easily reached her $500 goal – and promptly upped her fundraising goal to $1,000. If she could help more people, why not keep going? Stacie’s advice is to “ask people in a way where they don’t feel pressured – I like to thank them ahead of time, just for taking the time to read what my fundraiser is all about and if they are
in a financial bind, I always say, only $1 can help”.
Favorite inspirational quote: “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” 
Lives Transformed by Stacie so far: 11
Her custom flyer
Rock & Roll in Las Vegas!