The following was posted online by a woman helping her nephew’s endeavor to promote FWM.

My nephew, Jason Carr, and six other volunteers have joined hands with FREE WHEELCHAIR MISSION to help build and distribute 1,100 free wheelchairs in Haiti. They are leaving Southern California 5/21/2010. Jason will also be filming and photographing the mission in an effort to help Free Wheelchair Mission reach their goal of providing 8,000 free wheelchairs to the crush victims of Haiti’s recent and devastating earthquake.

They would greatly appreciate your support in their venture to transform lives through mobility! THIS IS AN UNFUNDED TRIP FOR THEM, AND THEY NEED YOUR HELP. There will be a benefit at a local venue TBA later this week. They need donations to help fund the trip as well as contributions for a raffle. Please help in providing a significant humanitarian impact to an area that has suffered far too much.

Please contact Jason @ 714.458.6896
follow them at


(The Donate Link goes to the group’s own fundraising page to support their travel expenses.)