Sorry about the other post not working–we promise this is a real post..
You may have noticed that we were a little quiet towards the end of the week last week on the social media front. We hope you missed us! The reason is that many of us were out of the office Thursday and Friday. Thursday we had an event at a local financial group teaching about Free Wheelchair Mission to some of the children of employees. Friday, at the break of dawn, a few of us piled into a van and headed south.

A couple hours later we arrived in Rosarito Beach, Mexico at the Red Cross to assemble and distribute wheelchairs. Once we finished that we had people arrive to receive their new wheelchair. We want to highlight one of our recipients, Maria. 

Maria loves to garden, but a few years ago she fell and suffered nerve damage. The nerve damage was severe enough that the right side of her body will all of the sudden go numb at random times. Her husband takes care of her and he was so happy to see her in a wheelchair–now she will be able to move about and garden again.

After a long day and few minor changes in plan (something that is expected when doing a distribution), we grabbed lunch at a local taco stand and made our way back home.

It was really a delight for all of us who are here everyday working to get outside the walls of our offices and see the mission that we play a part in be a part of people’s lives. Distributions are always one of the most rewarding aspects of Free Wheelchair Mission that we get to bring to you, and this one especially hit home for us because we got to be there. Please enjoy these photos from the trip and, as always, thank you so much for your support of FWM–we can’t do it without you!