Wheelchair Arrivals

July 2020

Because of your generosity, four containers of wheelchairs arrived in India, Vietnam, and China during the month of July. More containers are currently en route to El Salvador, Columbia, Costa Rica, and Rwanda.

Free Wheelchair Mission webinar on wheelchair provision during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Webinar

July 14-16

Even in the midst of this pandemic, our wheelchairs are still being distributed to those who need them. Therefore, to help ensure the safety of our wheelchair recipients, their families, and the distribution partners who serve them, our programs team offered a webinar on “Wheelchair Provision during the COVID-19 Pandemic” in English and in Spanish. “It was a very useful session,” said one partner. “Shared material was very useful and informative… Thank you very much for your continuous support.”

Watch the replay of Miracle of Mobility Live at miracleofmobility.org

Miracle of Mobility Live Raises $1.5M

July 23

Miracle of Mobility Live—our first-ever virtual event—exceeded expectations and raised over $1.5 million, providing more than 19,000 new wheelchairs to people living with disabilities in developing countries! In case you missed the event, would like to watch it again, or wish to share it with a friend, the replay video is posted at http://miracleofmobility.org.

Medical supplies from Free Wheelchair Mission arrive in Eswatini.

Medical Supplies and Mobility Aids Arrivals

July 2020

In July, containers of medical supplies and mobility aids from our “Mobility Beyond Wheelchairs” program arrived in Eswatini (pictured above), El Salvador, and Pakistan, thanks to the generosity of those who gave to our Medical and Mobility Emergency Fund.