Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

This week our Friday Story comes to us from Botswana. Although our first container arrived there a little over a year ago, it is still continuing to make an impact in the African nation as this story was just sent to us in the last couple of weeks. Our partners, the World Community Counseling Centre, tell us the story:

Being born with a disability should not mean that people do not care for you. Katlego was one of the people blessed to come and receive a new wheelchair. His mother spoke about how difficult it was for her to move Katlego from one place to another. Although Katlego had a wheelchair, it was completely worn out. As it became more obvious that this old wheelchair was on the brink of falling apart, Katlego’s parents became stressed about getting him a new one—there was no way they could afford to pay for one. It was then that we felt their desperate need and moved to help them.


The exciting news reached their ears that there was donation of free wheelchairs at World Community Counseling Centre. Having received the wheelchair, Katlego’s mother was all smiles because before she was at a loss to figure out how she could provide a wheelchair for her son. Seeing the generosity of the WCCC and Free Wheelchair Mission gave her hope that disabled people are cared for like everyone else in the community.

It was then that they shared their joy, thanking God for the help offered by the organisation. Meeting with the parent later during the follow up outreach, she confirmed that Katlego is still using the wheelchair and it has reduced the burden that they shouldered before. She stated that the wheelchair is easy to use and maintain as it doesn’t give them any trouble even with all its use.

Distributions can be some of the most exhilarating moments for us at Free Wheelchair Mission. Yet the distributions mean nothing if the product is unreliable. That’s why, when we hear stories like this one where the wheelchair is as sturdy as ever after intensive use, we love to pass them along to you. Thank you for giving the gift of mobility—thank you for giving a gift that lasts.


Don Schoendorfer