Greetings and happy Friday Monday!

This week I was touched by a message we received from our distribution partner in Costa Rica, The Do It Foundation. Valentina is a very sweet young woman whose life and family has been touched by your generosity. Please read on as The Do It Foundation tells us the story:

Valentina is a brave little girl born with secondary brain paralysis. She lives with her 21-year-old mother and grandparents in a very poor neighborhood in San Jose. Her Special Education School has no campus and meets in the municipal gymnasium for classes.

Before receiving the GEN_2 wheelchair, Valentina’s mom had to carry her everywhere. The streets in their neighborhood have not been paved and are just dirt and rock. Valentina’s mom was afraid of falling and hurting her little girl.

Thanks to the donation of a wheelchair this brave mother can now move throughout the neighborhood, without the fear of falling. Valentina’s mother could not express what it meant for her and Valentina—the comfort and the happiness of receiving this wheelchair for her little girl. The mother said that the design of this special wheelchair has allowed Valentina to move quite easily on the rough roads.

Any parent can tell you that protecting their child or children is paramount. It is difficult to imagine what it would be like having to risk falling and injuring your child each time you had to leave the house, especially on the rough roads that cover Valentina’s neighborhood. But those fears can now be put to rest with the gift of Valentina’s new GEN_2 wheelchair. Thank you for helping a mother and daughter in need.


Don Schoendorfer