Free Wheelchair Mission was presented with a check for $15,000 at the inaugural awards ceremony of Impact Giving, Orange County’s newest collective nonprofit. Held at the Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa on April 1, FWM was among several worthy causes honored by this dynamic, newly-formed philanthropy.
Since its inception, Impact Giving has attracted over 100 supporters willing to pledge $1,000 annually in support. With goals to “engage, educate and empower,” the all-female organization works to effect positive social change on a local, national and global scale.
Success is a key requirement for award allocations, according to Carol Olson, founding board member and policy chair of Impact Giving. “We require the grant applicants to provide measurable objectives and proof of effectiveness,” she said. “We carefully review each nominee and even examine their financial records as part of our decision-making process.”

“We are grateful for this gift,” said Stuart Nichols, Executive Director of FWM. “What an honor to be a part of Impact Giving’s first grant season!”

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