One of our distribution partners in Bangladesh is Karmirhath, a nonprofit organization based in the northern part of the country. It was established in 1985 to cater to the needs of the very poor. In addition to their work in wheelchair distribution, it now serves the needy with a focus on eye care, diabetes, prenatal services, and pediatrics. Karmirhath is also engaged in humanitarian activities to increase the earning capacities of impoverished families, educating the teens with training in tailoring, cooking, and even livestock rearing. They recently sent us this story:

One of our recipients, Ali, is a great example of how your wheelchairs are making a difference in Bangladesh. Ali was born without the ability to walk. When he was young, his parents often carried him around, but now that he has grown larger, he has had to crawl to get around. Tragically, Ali had to have miss out on a childhood of running and playing with friends, and told us that one of the saddest parts of being disabled is that people make fun of him. He just wishes he could have a normal life.

Ali never thought that he would have the mobility he so needed to get around. Now, with a wheelchair all his own, Ali is looking forward to getting a good job, and being able to be independent and enjoy life. He is thankful to God for this blessing, and grateful to the donors that made this all possible.

It is so encouraging to see the many ways that our wheelchairs are making a difference, in Bangladesh and now in 82 countries around the world. Thanks for being a part of this mission, for people like Ali and almost 600,000 like him.