Thanks so much to our partner in the field for this powerful, testimony straight from India.

Irshadkhan lived with his parents in a small village in the state of Gujrat. He used to be construction labourer before he lost his legs. He was the sole breadwinner in his family. Six month ago, while working on a site, a wall suddenly collapsed on him. He suffered serious injuries on his spinal cord. Despite of an operation, Irshad was unable able to walk. To add to the tragedy, the accident occurred only a few months after he got married. His wife left him few days after the accident.
His friends and family helped Irshad in his difficult time. Sometime they would take him out of the house. He had difficulty going the toilet and completing other daily works. He hated that he was so dependable on others and could not serve and care for his parents.
Since Manav Sadhna gave him the wheelchair, Irshad has been feeling more hopeful about life. With the wheelchair, he has more independence and can go about his daily activities. He sends his blessings to the Wheelchair Mission for giving him the gift of mobility and hope.