We are all doing well. We have covered a lot of ground this trip, lots of miles on the road. It is a Mercedes van but I believe my van “Big Blue” gives a better ride. Yesterday the AC broke down. With the windows open it is a cool ride, a lot like riding a motorcycle without a helmet. And sometimes there are significant delays. (What sort of noises do you make to coax a rhino from blocking the road?)
The team is great. Every one is looking out for the others. This shot was from a home delivery of a wheelchair.
This girl’s name is Patience. She is 17 years old. She was walking well when she was only one year old, but then got a fever. Her parents got on a bus and took her to Pretoria, the nearest big city. She hasn’t walked since. Her mother said they have tried for years to get a wheelchair. Well, today was the day!

We also stopped at a school to interview an amazing girl and boy. They will be the subject of our blog for Friday, and our Friday Story as well. Here is a great photo though to pique your interest.