SarinaE. Estacio
Age: 19 years old
Case: Paralyzed body due to polio 
and overdose of medicines
Seven years ago, Sarina was a normal 11-year old girl in Barangay, Dos Hermanas, Talisay City. She was a pictureof an ordinary daughter living a normal life, going to elementary school as aregular pupil and excited to go to high school, since she was a graduatingstudent. Together with her father, mother , and 3 brothers, they had a normal life and everythingwas fine until one evening.
She was brought to thehospital, to Riverside Medical Centerin Bacolod City because she had a fever. When theyarrived there, the doctor ordered to inject her certain medication. Secondsafter the injection, she went into a cardiac arrest; she was brought to theintensive care unit, went into 50-50 and almost lost her life. It was not clearwhat solution was injected; what’s clear is that it was a case of medicalmalpractice. From there on, her life was and forever will be changed.
Her condition now isvery depressing and outrageous. Her whole body, arms and legs became paralyzed.She stopped going to school and stayed at home all the time. She can’t even speak and express what is onher mind. She lost her independence, her dignity and an essence of what life is.Because of that terrible medical mistake, she virtually lost hope to reach herdreams, succeed in life and help her family out of the web of poverty.
For her, life is almosthopeless, useless and gloomy. Until now, his father who works at a sugarcentral in Negros Occidental (Visayas Island) is still paying fromhis monthly salary deductions for the expenses they incurred in the hospital,which total more than one million pesos (USD 22,500). Her mother spends all ofher time taking care and meeting her needs.
Last July, ChildrenInternational – Philippines, Inc. and Free Wheelchair Mission turned over onewheelchair through the Local Government of Talisay City. Certainly, a wheelchaircannot bring back the lost dreams and resources. Surely, a wheelchair cannotbring back everything to normal as life was seven years ago. However, thatsingle piece of metal with wheels from generous sponsors delivered a simple,but yet profound message to Sarina’s family and to Sarina herself: a message ofcare, charity and compassion.