Greetings, Name, and Happy Friday!

On Thursday, July 28, Free Wheelchair Mission will hold its 13th annual Miracle of Mobility fundraising gala. This festive evening will feature inspiring stories of faith, hope and transformation and will include a very special guest speaker, Tim Tebow, who—like Free Wheelchair Mission—is passionate about serving those with disabilities around the world.

Tim Tebow, known for his accolades on the football field, is the son of missionaries, and even after moving to Florida as a child he returned to the Philippines as a teenager to spread God’s word and serve the needy. As a collegiate and professional athlete, he maintained his strong commitment to charitable pursuits. In 2010 he formed the Tim Tebow Foundation to bring Faith, Hope and Love to those in their darkest hour of need.

Operation Blessing—one of our distribution partners—has made two deliveries of FWM wheelchairs to the Tebow CURE Hospital in the Philippines. Charmaine is one of the patients who has been using a GEN_1 wheelchair as she recovers from surgery to correct her club foot. Though initially scared to undergo surgery, she was encouraged when she saw a classmate return to school after the same operation. At the end of May, Charmaine will be back at the Tebow CURE Hospital to have her progress checked and her casts removed, and hopefully she’ll be leaving the wheelchair behind and walking soon!

Stories like Charmaine’s are possible because of generous people like you supporting organizations—like FWM, Operation Blessing and Tebow CURE Hospital—who work together to transform lives.

These are the kinds of stories and collaborations we will be celebrating at Miracle of Mobility. We can’t wait to hear the message Tim Tebow will bring, and we hope you will join us on July 28!

Don Schoendorfer

P.S. Will you help us spread the word about Miracle of Mobility? It’s easy, just forward this email to a friend. It will be a great night, and we hope you’ll be a part of it!