Kelly is one of the happiest people you could ever meet. Her vibrant spirit fills her family’s modest home with life and love. She is always full of joy – constantly cracking jokes and laughing.

Kelly lives with her parents, two siblings, and grandmother in a Guatemalan neighborhood known as the “red zone” due to violence and gang presence in the area. Until recently, this 14-year-old young woman was only able to move with the help of her parents or a small stool that she used to get to the bathroom. She spent most of her days in the back room, in bed.

Two months ago Kelly received a GEN_2 wheelchair, and it has already transformed her life! Thanks to the gift of mobility, she can now play with and chase her siblings. Before receiving the wheelchair, Kelly and her mother rarely left home. But now, mother and daughter take daily walks together in the community.

If you ask Kelly where she gets all of her energy and excitement, she’ll tell you, “That’s just how God made me.” Now, thanks to your generosity and her wheelchair, the rest of Kelly’s community will be blessed to meet and know this lovely, positive, wonderful young woman.

Thank you for transforming her life!


Don Schoendorfer