This summer, a most unusual partnership provided the gift of mobility to more than 600 people in the Philippines.

The Bruery, a local business based here in Orange County, California, donated a portion of the proceeds from the first of its special “Share This™” brews to Free Wheelchair Mission’s efforts in the Philippines. “Share This: Coffee” is an imperial stout (beer) specially treated with coffee beans sourced from the Philippines.

The “Share This” brews are a special series featuring exotic ingredients from around the world. Patrick Rue, CEO and founder of The Bruery, explained the rationale for donating the proceeds from this particular special brew to Free Wheelchair Mission. He said, “When we looked into the amazing ingredients we’d want to use…it became apparent they generally came from impoverished areas of the world.”

As a result, Rue and The Bruery wanted to ensure “that we share with those who could use our help.”

Remarkably, the sales of “Share This: Coffee” raised $50,000 for Free Wheelchair Mission in less than eight weeks this summer – enough to provide the gift of mobility to more than 600 people in the Philippines!”

FWM Development Officer Georgia Price said, “Our partnership for The Bruery is truly one of the best we could ask for. When FWM gives a wheelchair, our recipients’ dignity, independence and hope are restored. This is a transforming gift — not only do their caretakers and family get to go back out into their communities, but our recipients also get a chance to go out and work again, they are able and free to socialize out in the marketplace again, and in some societies they are seen again as a functional member.”

We are immensely grateful to Patrick Rue and The Bruery for their compassion and creativity. Their “Share This” brew is transforming lives with the gift of mobility.


Don Schoendorfer