This week’s story comes to us from Vietnam, where Free Wheelchair Mission has given away over 151,000 wheelchairs, thanks to your support.

In Quang Nam province, a man named Ngoc was 26 years old, working as a farmer to provide for his family when he stepped on a landmine left in a field after the war.

The blast took both of his legs. Ngoc, his wife, and their young children were left in shock.

Unable to provide for them any longer, Ngoc felt like a burden to his family. He became dependent on others to help him over the years, living on his son’s limited income and government assistance amounting to roughly one dollar per day.

The local government gave Ngoc a pair of prosthetic legs last year, but at the age of 72, Ngoc does not find them to be very practical. They take too long for him to put on and are difficult for him to balance on when he tries to walk in them.

Giving it Back to Kids, our distribution partner in Vietnam, recently arranged for Ngoc to receive a GEN_2 wheelchair. He is extremely grateful, as you might tell by his smile.

After nearly five decades years of immobility, Ngoc can now move about, carry things, and perform tasks such as getting a drink of water without having to wait for someone to assist him. For Ngoc– and the nearly one million individuals whom you have given a free wheelchair to since 2001– the gift of mobility means a restoration of independence, dignity, and hope.

This is one example of the impact you are making by partnering with Free Wheelchair Mission. Your prayers, generosity, and support are truly making a difference. I am grateful for you.


Don Schoendorfer