As an orphan, Francine never really had anyone to care for her properly. An illness in the 6th grade resulted in her losing strength in both her legs. After a six-month stay in the hospital, Francine moved to a center for people with disabilities. There she received a brace for her left leg, but both her legs were so weak she still couldn’t stand.

In 2012, Francine moved in with a host family, where she still lives. At 28 years old, Francine received her own GEN_2 wheelchair from our distribution partner, Food for the Hungry, and she regained her mobility!

In her words, “The wheelchair is very useful to me because it allows me to move myself around without demanding support from my hosting family. I will visit places around this home, talk to neighbors to break my isolation and loneliness. I will be able to take myself to the health center. As I did not have a wheelchair, I used to borrow from someone who lives one kilometer away from here whenever I had an urgent place to go. Please tell the donor that I am very grateful.”

Free Wheelchair Mission echoes the same gratitude to you, our supporters. Thank you for bringing dignity back to Francine and so many others, as you give the gift of mobility!


Don Schoendorfer

P.S. We have less than a week until Miracle of Mobility, we look forward to seeing you there!