Over the past several days, the situation in Haiti has continued to deteriorate.

The country was still reeling in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that struck in 2010 when COVID-19 hit, with almost 20,000 confirmed cases and hundreds of deaths. Then, the country was further rocked by violence and political instability, culminating in Wednesday’s assassination of Haiti’s president, which thrust the country into further turmoil.

Haiti weighs heavily on my heart. Not only am I of Haitian heritage, but I have also seen firsthand the impact of the work of Free Wheelchair Mission and our distribution partners in Haiti.

When I hear the news about Haiti, I cannot help but remember those who are most vulnerable: those who live with disabilities and cannot flee from danger as easily.

I remember people like Victor, a 52-year-old man whom I met during a 2018 trip to Haiti.

When Victor was in the womb, his legs did not form completely, leaving him without mobility. He lives with his mother in a town near Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital city, and has never married. His mother serves as his caregiver.

Victor has such a sweet, gentle spirit. He does his best to be independent and not burden his aging mother.

Victor receiving a new wheelchair in 2018.

Through our distribution partner, we were able to give Victor a new GEN_3 wheelchair, which was assembled and fitted to him by a physical therapist and an assistant on staff. They helped Victor into his new wheelchair and prayed with him.

With a wheelchair, Victor has been “very independent” and said, “My greatest happiness is being able to go to church in my wheelchair, to where people appreciate me.”

A container of wheelchairs being unloaded in Haiti in May 2021.

The recent turmoil in Haiti serves as a reminder that our distribution partners often work under difficult circumstances to give out wheelchairs. We lock arms with them during challenging times like these.

Would you pray with us for Haiti, for our local distribution partners, and for our wheelchair recipients?
Would you also pray that we can continue to provide mobility and medical supplies to those in need in developing countries, like Haiti, around the world?

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With gratitude,

Nuka Solomon,
Chief Executive Officer
Free Wheelchair Mission