Miguel lives in Cuzco, Peru, with his mother and father. He has been living with a disability for most of his thirteen years, having developed cerebral palsy after complications during childbirth.

Doctors had told his mother that he would eventually be able to walk, but this did not come to pass. His mother would carry him everywhere, and as he grew over the years, she tearfully worried about his future–what would he do when she could no longer lift him up?

Miguel’s parents prayed that he would receive a wheelchair, as they could not afford one on their own. His father works long hours growing corn, barely earning enough to make it each day, while his mother takes care of Miguel full-time.

Yet, despite the challenges, the family remained grateful for what they did have, and they continued to pray for Miguel to receive a mobility solution.

Several months ago, they learned that their municipality would be distributing free wheelchairs. Miguel’s mother filed the required paperwork to register him, and today, Miguel has mobility with his new GEN_2 wheelchair.

Miguel’s family expresses deep gratitude to everyone involved in helping them with this gift. They waited patiently for him to receive a wheelchair, and their prayers were answered thanks to the generosity of FWM supporters.

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Don Schoendorfer