It’s hard to believe it’s already June! As students finish out the school year, we are reminded not everyone around the world has an equal opportunity to receive an education.

One of our distribution partners, American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF), shared Gonzalo’s story with us. Gonzalo wasn’t able to attend school and started working as a child. He collected and sold firewood from his horse-drawn cart. When he was 15, he was hit by a car and left paralyzed. His parents and siblings cared for him, but Gonzalo was frustrated by his dependence and the financial burden he created for his family. Yet, without mobility or an education, he couldn’t get a job.

When Gonzalo received his GEN_1 wheelchair, he was quick to thank ANF for his new mobility and independence. He is hoping he will now be able to find work and help pay for his own expenses. After years of relying on his family, he’s optimistic he’ll be able to help provide for them now, too.

Every single day lives are being changed with the gift of mobility. Thank you, our generous supporters, for driving these life transformations!

Don Schoendorfer