It takes a lot of work—and collaboration with our partners in each country—to make our dream of lifting people off the ground a reality. Much of that work takes place through emails and video calls, but some of it needs to happen face-to-face. One FWM staff member just returned from visiting partners in Ecuador, Peru and Argentina, and she’s excited to share some of the process and the value of training together in person. In Molly’s own words:

Each country and each Distribution Partner (DP) has a different set of circumstances, needs and cultural characteristics. Each FWM DP has a different team, style and approach in regards to their Wheelchair Program. What is so exciting for me is to see the ways our partners have introduced Wheelchair Programs in unique and creative ways. They have each assessed the needs of those with disabilities in their communities and are using their creativity to serve both the recipients and the families with dignity.

Many DPs are working tirelessly to include those who have previously been banished from their community, to remind each person of their value and worth in Jesus Christ, to show each person they too have something to contribute to their community and to advocate for those with disabilities who previously had no voice.

FWM’s commitment is to provide the tools needed to serve each individual with dignity and honor. This includes training our Distribution Partners on how to best prescribe and fit FWM wheelchairs to each recipient’s needs and training the recipient on how to use the wheelchair safely. It also includes trainings and demonstrations so the families learn how to care for those with disabilities, as well as providing support and spare parts to help keep the wheelchairs up and running as long as possible.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us to train and develop our Distribution Partners, but it is exciting to see the ways our partners are responding with excitement and enthusiasm as we work together to provide the life changing gift of mobility.

Thank you, our generous supporters, for the invaluable role you play in empowering our DPs to change lives.

Don Schoendorfer

P.S. Miracle of Mobility will be here in just over a month, and we know it will be an amazing night. We hope you’re planning to join us, and we hope you’re sharing the excitement with your family and friends!