Issac is 82 years old. His granddaughter, Gabby, is 29 years old. They live two blocks apart from each other in Mexico City, Mexico.

Isaac worked as a cab driver for 50 years. Now, because of severe hip and back pain, he cannot walk. Gabby suffers from diabetes and kidney failure. Before our team arrived, Gabby told representatives from the National System for Integral Family Development that she did not want medical treatment. She just wanted to die.

Earlier this month, Isaac received a GEN_2 wheelchair. He was delighted to receive the wheelchair, but it did not fit him properly. The frame was too small. Being a thoughtful and caring man – and a father of 14 children – Isaac asked the distribution team if they would give the wheelchair to his granddaughter instead.

When Gabby received the wheelchair, her outlook was immediately transformed. She said, “Maybe there is a reason for my pain.” The wheelchair has allowed Gabby to help her father in the family store. It has also given her new hope to live. She has promised to start receiving treatment for her diabetes.


Thankfully, the story does not end there. The very next day, our team delivered a larger wheelchair to Isaac – and it fit him perfectly.

Isaac, his wife, Adelberta, and Gabby want you to know how grateful they are for your kindness and generosity. All of their lives have been transformed because of your gift.

Will you consider making a donation today to help others like Isaac and Gabby?


Don Schoendorfer