Kwezi, 55, is a husband and father who lives in western Uganda.

When he was a young child, he contracted polio, affecting his ability to walk on two feet. He has been walking on all fours ever since.

Kwezi makes a modest living by repairing shoes and could not afford to buy a wheelchair on such a limited income.

Not only did Kwezi face challenges with mobility, but he also had to deal with the stigma. In some parts of Uganda, disability is seen as a curse and those living with disabilities are often shunned by others.

Imagine what it might be like to spend your entire life being told that God cursed you.

But Kwezi’s life changed when he connected with Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry, one of our distribution partners in Uganda.

Kwezi submitted an application and came to a wheelchair distribution event held by Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry. There, they fitted him with a new GEN_2 wheelchair—the first one he has ever had.

And not only did Kwezi receive a new wheelchair, he also received new life.

The team from Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry let Kwezi know that he wasn’t cursed by God, but is instead loved by God, who created him as one of His children.

Kwezi accepted God’s love and his life was changed forever, thanks to the prayers and support of friends like you.