Kaley Tamang is a 55-year-old man who lives with his wife, Kali, and his father in the mountains of Nepal. Together, they earn a living by operating a small grocery stand.

When he was 29 years old, Kaley suffered a stroke that left him unable to feel anything on the right side of his body. His father would take care of his daily needs, carrying him to the bathroom and other places because Kaley did not have any mobility aids.

Sometimes, his wife would carry him, and sometimes, he would crawl to get from place to place.

This went on for more than 26 years.

But thanks to your generosity, Kaley received a new GEN_3 wheelchair from Free Wheelchair Mission through one of our distribution partners at the time. The GEN_3 folds to make it easier for Kaley to store it at night and to bring it on public transportation whenever he needs to head into town to stock up on inventory.

With mobility, Kaley can now do his daily activities more easily, moving on his own and performing tasks without any assistance from others. “I don’t need to be helped anymore,” smiled Kaley with a sigh of relief as he celebrated his newfound sense of independence.

Kaley, his wife, and his father offer “happy regards to the wheelchair supporters for providing the wheelchair, which has made things much easier for him.”

The gift of one wheelchair impacts more than just one life. The impact of this gift ripples out to caregivers, families, and communities like it has for Kaley and his family.

Would you consider giving someone this gift today?