Ivan is a 13-year-old boy who lives in Palca, a small village nestled in the hills of Honduras that can only be reached by rocky dirt roads.

He lives with his parents and two sisters in a modest home made of adobe walls and cement floors.

When he was four, Ivan was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. He has fractured at least 10 bones in his body.

Ivan has never had any type of mobility aids before.

His mother, Fatima, takes care of him, and cautiously carries him wherever he needs to go.

This was easier when Ivan was younger, but he’s now a growing teenager. If she were to trip while carrying him or lose her grip on him accidentally, the impact on his body could be devastating.

His father, Francisco, works as a laborer on a coffee farm and makes about $8 per day—barely enough to support the family, much less to buy Ivan a new wheelchair.

But thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Ivan received a brand-new wheelchair through our distribution partner, Food for the Poor Honduras.

Now that he has mobility, Ivan started going to school. “I am very happy because I can be independent,” he grinned. “It is easier for me to go to school, and now, my mother can rest.”

“I am grateful for this wonderful gift to my son,” said Fatima. “Now, I have more time to do house chores and take care of my other children.”

The gift of a wheelchair makes a difference in more than just the life of its recipient—it can transform the lives of their caregivers, family members, and communities as well.

In fact, one of our distribution partners once estimated that every wheelchair you give can potentially affect up to 600 people in rural Eswatini, where they serve.

The gift of mobility multiplies its impact, and it all starts with you.

Thank you for partnering with Free Wheelchair Mission. With your prayers and generous support, we can continue offering the life-transforming gift of mobility to those in need, like Ivan.