Over the past few months, Pakistan has been devastated by historic flooding that has taken more than a thousand lives and left thousands more without homes.

Would you pray with us for Pakistan, a country close to our hearts? For over 14 years, Free Wheelchair Mission has distributed more than 34,000 wheelchairs in Pakistan through our local distribution partner, the Al-Khidmat Foundation.

During these floods, our wheelchairs have helped people with disabilities get to higher ground without needing to be carried. Our wheelchairs have given a renewed sense of hope and independence to individuals like Irum, a 28-year-old woman who lives with her two older brothers and their families.

Irum lost mobility to a childhood bout with an undiagnosed illness. She has not been able to walk since. Her parents were her caregivers, but after they both passed away, Irum’s sisters-in-law began to take care of her.

When Irum’s brother learned that Al-Khidmat would be holding a wheelchair distribution, he brought her there and was “pleased to see the work of Free Wheelchair Mission.” He had always worried about his younger sister, for whom he is responsible. Now, both he and Irum expressed a renewed hope for the future.

“I am very happy,” beamed Irum. “I want to thank Free Wheelchair Mission.” With her newfound independence, Irum can take care of herself and help around the house. She hopes to start her own family someday.

Thankfully, Irum and her brothers’ families live in the hills and have been spared from flooding, but more than one-third of the country has been left underwater due to unprecedented monsoon rains.

Would you pray with us for Pakistan, for our distribution partner, for the families of those who have received our wheelchairs, and especially for those who are still in need of one?