“I play tennis.”

That’s the first thing Ruth, a 32-year-old woman in Chennai, India, said to us. “I’m a champion. And so is my husband.”

Both Ruth and her husband live with disabilities.

As a baby, Ruth contracted polio, which affected her right leg. For years, she could walk with some assistance, but this became more challenging as she grew and bore more weight on her weakened leg.

Ruth married her husband in 2011 and gave birth to two children, Joshua and Leah. They were a happy, thriving family until a terrible road accident left Ruth and her husband with devastating injuries.

Ruth’s left leg was crushed. To help mend her shattered bones, doctors placed plates that they later determined should be removed.

Her family could not afford another surgery, however. They struggle to make a modest living, with Ruth working as a seamstress out of their home and her husband as a typist at an office eight miles away.

One of the highlights of their days, aside from being with their kids, is playing adaptive tennis. They were introduced to it as part of their post-accident rehabilitation and quickly took to the sport, winning medals for their athletic skills.

Despite these accomplishments, they still couldn’t afford to buy Ruth her own wheelchair—but because of you, Ruth received a new GEN_3 wheelchair from our local distribution partner.

“With this gift, I can encourage and help others who have disabilities,” she declared, filled with resolve to introduce others to the joy of adaptive sports. “That’s my passion and desire.”

With all that Ruth has been through in her life, she’s not wallowing in self-pity. Instead, she’s thinking of ways that she can help other people.

Ruth isn’t just a tennis champion. She’s a champion for others.

And so are you.

Thank you for all you do to empower champions like Ruth, all over the world, by championing the cause of mobility.

You are truly making a difference in this world.