At Free Wheelchair Mission, we say that mobility is a gift because we see how it transforms lives by giving people a renewed sense of dignity, hope, and independence.

In 2007, a stroke took away Zhang’s ability to walk, but it also took away much more – her savings, her son, and her ability to care for her home.

The stroke took away Zhang’s savings because her family spent everything they had to pay for her medical expenses. It took away her son because he and his family had to move far away to look for a job. And, the stroke took away Zhang’s ability to care for her home because she was unable to move.

Zhang wanted to help herself, but it was difficult. Thankfully, her husband was able to care for her, but he works during the day. Most days, Zhang sat in a chair waiting for her husband to get home from work  to help her. It was a lonely and demanding existence for this elderly couple.

The stroke took away so much, but a free GEN_2 wheelchair gave Zhang her dignity, hope, and independence back. Now, Zhang and her husband are very happy. She is able again to care for her home and venture outside with her husband. What a wonderful new start!

With tears in their eyes, Zhang and her husband thanked you for the priceless gift of mobility. I too, thank you.


Don Schoendorfer