Our partner in Burundi, Food for the Hungry (FH), sent us Abraham’s story. FH staff members regularly passed by Abraham sitting by the side of the road. That was his office where he fixed old shoes for people.

On the ground next to Abraham was a rudimentary wooden “bicycle” complete with hand-carved wooden wheels. Abraham sat on the bike and pushed himself with one hand to propel himself 1.5 km each way to and from his home to his place of business.

At 47 years old, Abraham is very familiar with disability. He has never walked, and despite the pain of riding his bike, it’s an improvement over the exhaustion of crawling.

When FH gave Abraham a GEN_2 wheelchair, he was ecstatic! Not only could he get to and from work without pain, he could work with much less fatigue seated in his wheelchair.

“I do not have the words to describe what I feel. Just imagine all those years I have spent on this piece of wood, and you will understand why I am so happy. Please tell the donors that I am very grateful!”

Thank you, our supporters, for your commitment to giving the gift of mobility to Abrahams all around the world. Together we are changing lives!

Don Schoendorfer