Meet Erge, a 27-year-old woman who lives with her parents in a small village in China. She was born with cerebral palsy.

Erge’s parents took care of her throughout her childhood. When she became of age, Erge got married and lived with her husband’s family. Her husband also lived with a disability, so Erge’s mother-in-law looked after them both. When her mother-in-law died, Erge and her husband were left on their own, with no one to provide the additional care they needed. They eventually divorced.

Erge moved back home, but she wasn’t welcomed by her siblings. They thought of her as a nuisance and pressured her to move to a rented room. Her parents moved with her.

When left at home on her own, Erge would often fall down and get injured, so her mother stayed home full-time to be her caregiver. Because her mother could no longer carry her, Erge would sit in a chair until her father would come to help her move about.

Now, thanks to friends like you, Erge has a new GEN_2 wheelchair and is free to go outside without her father’s help.

Her parents were overjoyed to receive this gift, grateful that there are people like you who care about the “underdogs of the world,” as they put it.

Deep within our humanity is a desire to be seen, heard, and known. Thanks to you, “underdogs” like Erge and her family know that you see them. You are truly making a difference around the world.

Would you consider giving the gift of a wheelchair to someone like Erge?