More than forty years ago, Ms. Luong had both of her legs amputated above the knee after she accidentally jumped on a landmine. Unable to walk for more than four decades, Ms. Luong has done her best to find ways to avoid crawling on the ground. Most recently, she has used two small plastic stepstools to “walk” herself around.

Last summer, Ms. Luong heard about Free Wheelchair Mission and was selected to receive a GEN_3 wheelchair. Ms. Luong waited two long months for her wheelchair to arrive in Phong Thu hamlet (Vietnam), dreaming of what the gift of mobility would mean for her life.

Finally, Ms. Luong’s dreams came true and she received her GEN_3 wheelchair. After the wheelchair arrived, she said, “That two month period was as much as two years to me because I was dreaming of a wheelchair.”

Now she no longer has to move with small plastic stepstools. With her wheelchair, Ms. Luong can move around her house, and can even navigate the narrow streets in her area where she works selling lottery tickets.

Because she is talented in making handmade things, Ms. Luong also uses her wheelchair to visit another nearby town where she makes and sells handmade gifts. Thanks to the wheelchair, Ms. Luong is productive, comfortable, confident and happy.

Thank you for providing the gift of mobility to Ms. Luong! Your generosity has transformed her life.


Don Schoendorfer