As a recent wheelchair distribution in China wrapped up, a thirteen-year-old boy in his new GEN_2 wheelchair seemed upset. One of our partners from Henan Disabled Person’s Federation (HDPF) went over to check on him, and his story spilled out.

Tao’s legs are paralyzed, and his father struggles to make ends meet. By the time Tao was in second grade, they could no longer afford to send him to school. Ever since Tao has been confined to their house. When his father heard about the chance to get a wheelchair they arrived early, and they were both thrilled to receive the wheelchair. Then Tao realized the wheelchair meant he could leave the house, but it didn’t mean he could return to school. His father felt guilty that he still couldn’t afford to give his son the education he wanted so badly.

Several HDPF leaders gathered, and they committed to pay Tao’s school tuition. They even asked Pastor Liu and his volunteers if they would be willing to push Tao in his wheelchair to and from school every day, and they agreed. Tao and his father were overwhelmed by the generosity of HDPF and the church.

In one day Tao received the gift of mobility and so much more—his entire future changed! As we supply wheelchairs, we also supply opportunities for communities to rally together and solve the greater issues around disability.

Thank you for your generosity that makes moments like these possible!

Don Schoendorfer