Blessing Nyambuke is a beautiful six-year-old girl from Machakos town, in Kenya.

She was born with a condition known as amelia, with no arms and shortened legs.

Life has been challenging for Blessing and her parents, but she hasn’t let disability hold her back. She learned how to use her feet the way her friends use their hands, and she is now able to write. Blessing even attends school.

She had been carried from class to class by teachers and friends, but thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Blessing recently received a brand-new wheelchair.

Now, she can get to her classes more easily.

Our local distribution partner, The Walkabout Foundation, adapted the wheelchair to give Blessing the extra support she needs to help her sit up and remain stable while using her feet to write. They also fitted the wheelchair with a tray that she can use as a writing desk.

Blessing’s parents were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for the life-changing gift that their precious daughter has received.

Because of you, Blessing has greater opportunities to fulfill her potential. She already has the grit to succeed, and we’re confident that she can go far in life.

She just needed a wheelchair to help her along the way.

An estimated 75 million people in the world are still waiting for the gift of mobility. Would you tell a friend about this mission and help empower even more individuals like Blessing Nyambuke?