Whether you enjoy shopping on the day after Thanksgiving or not, I want you to know that you have already given the gift of a new life to one very special woman in Swaziland.

Chamkile is 27 years old, and she was born with a disability that deformed her legs, making it impossible for her to walk. For most of her life, she has crawled on her hands and knees, using sandals on her hands to protect them from the rough and dirty ground in her neighborhood. Because of her disability and her lack of mobility, Chamkile was never able to go to school.

About 10 years ago, both of Chamkile’s parents passed away. For the last decade, she has lived with her elderly grandmother. Chamkile has six siblings, but most of them live far away. Her life has been painful, lonely, and extremely difficult. She has even endured abuse and assault of the worst kind from a local gang.

When Chamile’s sister-in-law heard that a mobile hospital would be distributing free wheelchairs in their community, she said, “I knew I must get Chamkile here to get one.”

When Chamkile’s wheelchair was assembled, her brother and his wife helped her into it. With a shy smile, Chamkile said, “Thank you. I am happy to see this chair.”


Thanks to your generosity, Chamkile can now enjoy the freedom to move around her neighborhood, making daily life much easier for her and her grandmother. That local gang no longer torments her, and she is truly living a new life. What an incredible gift!


Don  Schoendorfer

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